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Remember The Pet Rock? The Chia Pet? Are you ready to buy patent & licensing rights for The Coola Hula Skirt craze?

The swimwear industry generates three billion dollars annually in the United States.

The Coola Hula Skirt: The All New Swimsuit Cover-Up is a licensing product ready to be launched in this multi-billion dollar market.

Buy licensing rights now for this super fun swimwear product prime for entertainment parks, water parks, hotels, cruise ships, private label, worldwide distributors and more.

How does The Coola Hula Skirt fit everyone? The velcro allows for anyone to size and fit, big and small, short and tall and it is easy to wear.

It puts a swing in your hips and a smile on your lips. Kids automatically do the hula and everyone starts having a good time.

Do you need a fun and profitable product to license? Look no further!

Inquire within to find out more about The Coola Hula Skirt brand licensing:

The Coola Hula Skirt is Patented & Trademarked.

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