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What is The Coola Hula Skirt & how was it invented?

The Original Coola Hula Skirt is the All New Swimsuit Cover-Up! A super-fun hula skirt made of fabric that is attached by six inches of velcro.

The inventor grew up on the North Shore of Oahu performing hula dances and playing Barbies on the beach as a kid. She remembers the old Hawaii of yesterday with great fondness. The genesis behind the idea was inspired by a weekend at the Four Season Hotel in Maui. She recalled her days of living native life, going to school with no shoes on and running around in hula skirts. That is when she said "Wow, I would love to have a hula skirt made of fabric, a beach cover-up" and boom, The Original Coola Hula Skirt was born!

Did you know that men originally wore hula skirts? Did you know that children who have never seen the hula will start hula dancing?

It puts a "smile on your lips and a swing in your hips" Much to the inventors surprise crowds of fans and admirers alike have circled The Coola Hula Skirt asking where they can buy one? Men, wanting to buy several for their wife and kids, grandmothers for their grandchildren poolside, teenagers for the beach, adults for lounging, plus size women to feel extra good. It comes both short and long.

The best part about The Coola Hula Skirt is that the velcro allows you to size it properly for extreme comfort while wearing your swimsuit as a cover-up!

The Original Coola Hula Skirt is for everyone!

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